Admission to Michigan Islamic Academy is open to all students in Pre-K to 12th grade. MIA does not discriminate in enrollment on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin. Michigan Islamic Academy reserves the right to decline admission to students for the following reasons, which are not considered inclusive of all reasons justifying denial of admission:

  • If a student requires special education instruction beyond the purview of the School’s capability or capacity
  • If a student requires English as a Second Language beyond the purview of the school’s capability or capacity

Enrollment will open Saturday, February 9, at the Open House, starting at 5:00 PM and continues until all available spots are filled. Priority in enrollment is as follows:

  1. Students already enrolled at Michigan Islamic Academy
  2. Children of MIA faculty
  3. Siblings of students already enrolled at Michigan Islamic Academy
  4. Others

Students who withdraw prior to the beginning of the school year after being fully registered will lose their registration fees. Students who withdraw after school begins will lose registration and supply fees, and will also be responsible for tuition until the end of the month in which the withdrawal occurred, as well as 25% of the remainder of the year’s tuition.

To enroll a new student, please contact the office at 734-665-8882 or email to the MIA office.