This is a listing of possible High School English Class Offerings.

Not all classes will be offered all years, availabiliy reflects the goals and needs of the students.

English 9: This course is intended to develop vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills enabling the student to write a well-constructed and grammatically acceptable composition. As freshman year is the initial stage of the high school experience, material covered encompasses a broad range of topics with focus on the fundamentals of style and form. The composition of the novel, short story, poem, and play are examined. Students are expected to master the fundamentals of research, culminating in a research paper.

English 9 Honors: This course is a more intensive English 9 course with added emphasis on the study of literary topics. Geared toward the highly motivated student, the course includes a greater number of reading and writing projects highlighted by the necessity to construct more advanced essays. Added vocabulary, reading, and writing assignments are required.

English 10: The emphasis of English 10 is on literature, as well as written and oral communication. The course is designed to strengthen the student’s background and foster creativity through the interpretation of British, American, and international literature. Students establish a standard of critical evaluation and are called upon to demonstrate writing ability, as well as the development and expression of thought within a structured speech unit. The composition emphasis will be on descriptive, narrative, and expository writing, with an introduction to the development of the literary essay. A research paper, journal writing, and vocabulary and spelling are assigned.

English 10 Honors: This course is appropriate for the more advanced student with a serious interest in English. Particular emphasis is placed upon the investigation of symbolism, alternative writing styles, and the development of the modern novel. In addition to the fundamental examples, special types of speeches are included. Students in this course can expect a significantly greater number of reading and writing assignments.

English 11: This course covers selected writers and major themes that constitute the culture and thinking of the American people. The final objective of the course is for the student to better understand the process by which American literature has matured during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to reading textbook selections and two novels, students engage in extensive essay writing. A research paper and weekly vocabulary are also required.

English 11 Honors: Similar to English 11 in format, this advanced course has higher priority on the development of a “polished” writing style. Honor students can expect supplemental reading assignments, including two additional novels, and extra vocabulary work.

Advanced Placement English Language: This course is designed to engage students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines and rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. A perspective on American Literature is integrated where applicable. Students in this class will take the Advanced Placement exam in English Language in May.

Communications in a Changing World: This course is designed to develop student skills in the field of verbal communications. Course content includes experiences in such diverse topics as group dynamics, speech/debate, counseling, college/career interviews, sales presentations, motivation, humor, film/drama, and use of communications technology. Students assist in the ongoing design of the course to ensure practical application to their lives. Guest presenters and field trips augment the interactive teaching-learning process.s.

Senior Composition: This course is designed for students who wish to improve their writing skills in both expository and creative forms. Major units covered include: “The Mechanics of Writing,” “The Writing Process,” “Writing Related to Business,” “The Book Review,” and “Special Forms of Writing.” Vocabulary and spelling are part of the basic curriculum. Success in the course depends of the student’s willingness to assume responsibility for independent effort.

Introduction to College Writing:  This is a class open toadvanced students in Grades 10-12 who have mastered basic literature and language arts skills.  The course covers several reading selections, and at least one novel.  The composition portion of the class focuses on narrative, expository, and persuasive writing.

On-Site Washtenaw Community College English Course:  This course is taught by instructors from WCC.  It is a college level course, taught at freshman level.  Students wishing to take this class must pass a placement test and register with WCC. Students will receive both High School English and College English  credit.