Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome to the Parent Teacher Organization of Michigan Islamic Academy

Our Objectives:

  • To encourage parents to participate in their child’s educational experience by communicating ways they can volunteer through the PTO and become an active part of the MIA community.
  • To raise funds in order to provide  social and educational programs and materials for students beyond those provided by the school.
  • Assist and support the school staff by working in cooperation with them to bring together home and school.
  • Plan programs and activities to meet the needs of our children and the community.

Contact Us:

If you would like to volunteer or if you have questions or suggestions, please contact the office at 734-665-8882 or We will be happy to hear from you!  Jazakallah’khair for your support.

PTO HISTORY – Previous Achievements

  • Purchased over $1,000 in Science materials
  • Distributed over $3,000 for the acquisition of learning resources
  • Supported Math Marathon and Reading Adventures
  • Purchased over $300 in P.E. Equipment
  • Invested over $10,000 in new technology