School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan goals and objectives have been generated based on data from state, national, and schoolwide assessments, teacher evaluations, and stakeholders’ survey results. A description of how the data was used to create these goals and objectives is described below before each specific goal.

It should be noted that, although analysis of scores and trends in these scores is useful in informing decision-making for educational policies, small differences (whether positive or negative) may not be statistically significant and may therefore over time actually be understood to indicate commonalities between groups/years more than indicating differences between them. Further, it should be recognized that the significance of statistical data analysis for Michigan Islamic Academy is more limited than for larger schools/districts due to the small size of the populations being compared. Regardless of test scores and statistics, MIA will continue to strive for and maintain improvements in all subject areas and for all grades, fulfilling its mission of providing excellence in education while nurturing Muslim character.

Goal 1: Improve Instruction

Objective 1: Implement instructional strategies that include hands-on activities and inquiry-based learning.

Objective 2: Implement instructional strategies that include incorporation of technology.

Objective 3: Develop or purchase materials to help improve curriculum programs in Science, Social Studies, and ELA.

Objective 4: Incorporate writing across the curriculum.

Objective 5: Use data analysis of student assessments to determine student academic performance and identify educational gaps in the curriculum (inform instruction).

Goal 2: Establish Effective Communication with Stakeholders

Objective 1: Improve communication with parents concerning student learning and engagement between school and home.

Objective 2: Provide stakeholders with opportunities for school involvement (i.e. faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni) both on and off-campus.

Objective 3: Improve internal communication among all MIA staff, including substitutes and volunteers.

Objective 4: Improve communication with the Muslim community and the community-at-large.

Goal 3: Improve Student Support Services

Objective 1: Offer tutoring services on a regular basis during and after school hours.

Objective 2: Establish and implement a structured Academic Advisory and student college/career planning for eighth grade and high school students.

Objective 3: Provide students with a variety of academic support services.

*Full School Improvement Plan is available upon request.