The Senior Project allows students to demonstrate time-management skills, diligence in designing and handling a long-term project, critical-thinking skills, and the ability to access and use information in this technological age. The goal of this project is to provide a learning stretch in which students research a topic, interview professionals, work with mentors, create a project, design a website and present their findings to a panel of judges.  More than a one-day test, the Senior Project is a truly authentic way of demonstrating to the public what each student has learned and what the student is able to accomplish.
Senior Projects Listed By Year





Maria Tout – Adoption in Islam:
Abdisalam Sharif – Islamic Feminism vs. Western
Sara Baghdadi – Effect of Socioeconomic Status on One’s Diet:
Zachary Jawhar – Benefits of Black Seed:
Ibrahim Abudiab – Tap Water vs. Filtered Water:
Huma Hussaini – Domestic Violence Against Women:
Khadijah Siddiqui – Different Uses of Henna:
Hania Zafar – Effects of Homelessness:
Abdullah Al-Rabbat, Influences of the Arabic Language
Samar Al-Robyai, Youth Homelessness in the United States:
Kamal Dajani, Homeopathy vs. Conventional Medicine:
Jenna Hassan, Modesty and Fashion:
Tesneem Madani, Medicinal Benefits of Honey:
Mariem Moussawi, Uniting the Muslim Ummah through Charity:
Ahmed Osman, Effects of Periodontal Disease
Ammar Owis, Building vs. Buying a PC:
Seema Qoronfleh, Controlling Type I Diabetes Naturally:
Eglal Samir, The Story of Egypt and Its Freedom:
Muhammed Zouabi, Benefits of Dual Enrollment:
Muhammad Zafar, Wind Energy and Neodymium Magnets: