Nour Selmane

“I am so blessed that I was able to attend Michigan Islamic Academy. One of the best things about MIA is the people, I always felt welcomed and excited to go to school everyday. They are all beyond caring, helpful, supportive, and kind. MIA has prepared me very well for the real world and has given me the skills I need by providing many opportunities. I am so happy that I was able to attend MIA because it has made me into the person I am today.”


Ahmad Sukhon

“I have been at MIA for 8 years and the school only gets better. It is determined to do the best it can for its students and it never falls short. Each student is well taken care of and guided to their greatest potential. Not only do I have all the resources I can ask for at my fingertips, I also have a support system and a community. To go to school with and learn from my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, connected to the masjid is an unparalleled experience and the word “thankful” wouldn’t begin to describe how I feel about it.”


Masa Baghal

“What I liked best about MIA was the cultivation of community within the school. I do feel like MIA prepared me for college life in terms of work ethic and etiquette. The rigor and expectations incorporated into the curriculum has prepared me for the rigor I face in college courses. I have too many fond memories of MIA to count, but I often look back to and miss my Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies classes the most. Even though I try my best to keep up with them in my own life, nothing compares to having inspirational teachers and a class to learn it with. “


Nora Alshihabi

“My favorite thing about the school is the environment. I feel comfort being surrounded by good people who became like family to me. The fact that MIA is an all Islamic school makes it stand out, as this is really rare to find. Growing up learning more about our religion gives us the opportunity to understand what the foundation of Islam really is.” 

Alem Family

Abderrahim, class of ‘02

Sakina, class of ‘03

Imen, class of ‘06

Bayane, class of ‘10

Zakariya, class of ‘20

“MIA was a large part of our life growing up. From all the afterschool activities, organization and leadership experiences to community activism, MIA played a significant part in shaping who we are today. Teachers and classmates became our extended family with which we celebrated milestones and mourned losses and continue to share life long memories. 
Living this experience at MIA, both through the curriculum and the environment, has cemented the importance of MIA and like institutions for our own children and future generations. Alhamdulillah for the privilege to have been a part of MIA and to have witnessed it’s amazing growth throughout the years and the heroic efforts of administrators and teachers. To many future successes Inshaa Allah.”