’18-’19 AdvancED Parent Survey

MIA provides my kids with a rigorous curriculum that compete with that of the public schools while nurturing them in the Islamic environment that teaches them values and morals. MIA provides my kids with lots of opportunities to learn that goes beyond the classroom setting such as community services, clubs and organizations, and team competitions…The office staff are very welcoming and the teachers are very dedicated and care about the growth of my children religiously and academically.

Urooba Fatima, Class of ’14

I attended MIA for five years and the best word that I can use to describe it is holistic. At MIA not only did I get a great academic education but I also got an amazing religious education. The teachers at the school go out of their way to help students whether it may be academically or spiritually. They care for the students and want what is best for them. MIA taught me how to be confident with my Muslim identity. What I learned about MIA after graduating is that even after you leave you still have a family there who cares for you.

Sarah Nafees, Class of ’13

I chose to become an educator mainly because of the passionate and dedicated teachers I had while I attended MIA. In addition, my experience at MIA enabled me to develop the rigor, work ethic, and skills I needed to be successful as a college student, and now as a professional. The comprehensive Islamic education is the most valuable thing I walked out with when I graduated, because it has not only helped me excel in this world, it has helped me prepare for the aakhirah as well.

’18-’19 AdvancED Student Survey

I like best the Muslim environment, I like the small community of people which makes it easier for me to learn and succeed…[and] I have a deep connection with my school since I’ve been here for so long.

Yasmine Nahlawi, Class of ’06
My experience at MIA enabled me to emerge into a well-grounded individual, confident in my own skin and proud of my identity, and has helped me to  thrive as a Muslim American professional. I want nothing less for my own children.