Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy for Students

Students in Grades KG-11 will be expected to arrive in full uniform on the first day of school. The exceptions to the school uniform policy are Casual Wednesdays and Friday Dress, where students can dress up in observance of our Islamic holiday on Friday. Parents of students not adhering to the uniform policy will be contacted and asked to bring in appropriate clothing before their child can be re-admitted to class. Students who are out of uniform will lose the privilege of Friday Dress and/or Casual Wednesday. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support of MIA’s school uniform policy.

Uniforms must have the MIA logo attached to them. Those for boys KG – 11 & girls KG – 4 can be purchased from Land’s End by going to http://www.landsend.com/school and creating your account, using our Preferred School Number, 900168295. Include your student’s information and start shopping with your personalized product checklist! Land’s End has provided this Customer Service number for families: 800-469-2222. We recommend you check their website periodically for sales.

Uniforms for girls in Grades 5–11 can be purchased from the school directly. Families will be notified of uniform pick-up times before the beginning of the academic year.

Regular School Day Uniform

Footwear for all students: All students must wear plain, solid black, soft-soled, close-toed, low-heeled flats, tennis shoes, dress, or canvas shoes without any other color. A small, discreet brand name is acceptable. Soles and laces may be black or white. Students may wear any color socks which cover the ankle and are not sheer; footie socks are not permitted.

Boys KG–Grade 12: Boys are expected to be dressed in plain, loose-fitting, navy or black dress pants (no jeans, sports pants, pants with stretchy cuffs, tight, or sagging pants), and gray long and/or short-sleeved polo shirts with a logo. They may choose to wear plain navy blue sweaters, a vest, or a hoodie with a logo. All uniform items must be ordered from Land's End. Boys are not permitted to wear jewelry.

Boys must have a plain haircut with no unusual styles or colors. Hair reaching the collar, sticking up straight, sculpted, in an undercut, in a ponytail, or in a Qaz’ style (i.e. shaving or cutting hair short on one part of the head while leaving the rest of the hair longer) is not permitted.

Note to Grade 12 Students: Seniors attending onsite classes once a week may dress in Friday Dress and do not need to wear a uniform.

Girls KG–Grade 4: Girls in this age group are expected to be dressed in a plain navy jumper with a logo and a white long/short sleeved blouse or a plain navy dress with a logo from Land’s End. Girls must wear white or navy blue tights or navy blue leggings from Land's End with any colored socks. Plain navy blue sweatpants may be worn only in the winter. Sweaters, hoodies, and vests worn in the classroom must have a logo and be from Land’s End. Jewelry of any kind is discouraged.

Girls 5th–Grade 11: Girls in this age group are expected to be dressed in a plain navy blue or black ankle-length abaya or mid-length kurti with a logo. Beneath an ankle-length abaya, any plain navy/black pants or leggings may be worn (no jeans). Beneath a mid-calf length kurti, matching wide uniform pants must be worn. Girls may choose to wear either a navy blue sweater, vest, blazer, or a hoodie with a logo. The hijab for middle and high school girls may be worn in any style as long as it covers what should be covered (e.g. the neck, hair, etc). They may choose between plain white, black, or light gray hijabs with a corresponding plain white, black, or gray underpiece. Make-up or nail polish is not permitted. Jewelry is permitted, but wearing an excessive amount is discouraged.

Note to Grade 12 Students: Seniors attending onsite classes once a week may dress in Friday Dress and do not need to wear a uniform.


Friday Dress encourages students to wear their finest clothing on our weekly holiday.

Boys from Pre-K to Grade 12 may wear any colored dress shirt (with a collar and buttons) and any colored loose-fitting dress pants. This excludes T-shirts, jeans, pajamas, sweat pants, and sports pants. Thobes and shalwar kamees are also permitted. No slippers or sneakers may be worn on this day. Seniors attending onsite classes are also required to adhere to the Friday Dress Policy.

Girls from Pre-K to Grade 5 may wear dresses or skirts that are knee-length or longer with tights, pants, or leggings underneath. Loose pants with long shirts (knee-length for Grades 3 and up) are also permitted. Any colored dress shoes are allowed.

Girls from Grade 6–12 may wear any colored abaya, dress, or jilbab with any colored hijab. Plain pants must be worn underneath. Loose tops and maxi skirts are also acceptable. No leggings or jeans are permitted. Shoes must be soft-soled, closed-toe, and low-heeled (shorter than 1.5 inches). No tight belts are allowed.

Casual Wednesdays

Casual Wednesdays will be offered to students every Wednesday for $1. Funds raised will go toward a school activity or charity. Students in all grades may wear casual attire. The dress code permitted on Friday is also allowed on casual days. Boys are permitted to wear loose-fitting jeans and a non-collared shirt (no sweat pants are permitted). In addition to Friday Dress guidelines, girls are permitted to wear wide-legged jeans with loose kurti shirts below the knee or under an abaya.

Uniform Violations

For All Offenses: If a student is not in proper uniform, he/she must wait in the office until the parent brings or buys a proper uniform. Incidents will be reported on FACTS/LMS.

  • First Offense: removal from class until uniform is provided, parent notification
  • Second Offense: 2 weeks loss of Friday Dress privilege, parent notification
  • Third Offense: 4 weeks loss of Friday Dress privilege, parent notification