The purpose of the Michigan Islamic Academy Yearbook Committee is to provide a historical record of the school year through the yearbook, remembering and recognizing staff, students, clubs, and school events that happen throughout the year. The yearbook staff and our officers work together to take pictures, design, edit, and sell the yearbooks, which will be published by HR Imaging, Inc. The company will also provide Picture Day for the school, which has been set for February 19, 2015 inshAllah.

Behind every great yearbook is a great committee. The yearbook committee consists of students, and possibly staff, with an advisor to oversee. The yearbook takes an immense amount of work and dedication, so when it comes down to choosing the members and officers we have students who are committed and are willing to do whatever it takes to make an incredible yearbook!

Weekly Meetings – Monday/Thursday during Lunch
Yearbook Committee faculty advisor – < a href=””>Sr. Naseera Azad. Please contact her with questions, comments or concerns.

2014 – 2015 Yearbook Committee Officers and Members

President/Founder of yearbook Committee: Mubarra Shahid
Vice-President: Sarah Chamdin
Secretary: Sara Baghdadi
Treasurer: Maria Tout

All Members include:
Mubarra Shahid — Editor
Maria Tout – Journalist
Sara Baghdadi – Editor
Sarah Chamdin
Hania Zafar – Editor
Huda Vaid – Photographer
Fares Zoubi – Editor
Muhammad Zafar – Photographer
Osama Habeel – Editor
Nooradeen Albataineh
Tasneem Madini
Kamal Dajani
Saeeda Shah
Maymuna Jamil
Malak Al-regi